Insist on Tough Tests for Young Drivers for Road Safety

The majority of car accidents take place due to rash driving particularly among young drivers, who often tend to drive at a very high speed once they get a chance to be behind the wheel. Therefore, every parent must insist on their children to undergo very good training and also undergo a tough driving test before driving on the road.

Any new driver and particularly any young driver must certainly join any driving school like LTrent driving school in Australia where you get the opportunity to get Safer Drivers Course which will not only help in obtaining your driving license but also ensure proper road safety.

Usually, the duration of this safe driving course is five hours long and out of that about three hours is spent on theory-based class training and rest 2 hours is spent on practical driving lessons directly on the road so that they become fully trained to control their vehicle and learn every aspects of safe driving.

Nowadays a tough test has been introduced particularly for young adults while issuing them driving license. All these learner drivers need to display skills like merging at much higher speeds while driving in real life motorway situation. Also, they have to show how they make turning in a safe way against oncoming traffic.

If all these pieces of training are offered during the very beginning then it will go a long way to reduce traffic accidents, which are increasing at an alarming rate, particularly among these young adults.

The following are few countermeasures that must be applied to these young drivers while they are behind the wheel.

  • Passengers

Usually, it is seen that if young people drive with few other young male members then they tend to drive at a very high speed. Therefore, they should never be allowed to drive with young passengers and an adult person must be always present when any young person is driving.

  • Late-night driving

Usually, most of the fatal accidents take place during night hours during the weekends. Mostly, such accidents take place due to lack of driving experience at night.

Therefore, unless the driver attains the age of 25, they should not be allowed to drive particularly during night hours.

  • Inappropriate risk

Particularly among the male young drivers, it has been observed that they tend to indulge in risky driving and try to drive at a very high speed, drive after drinking, take drugs or avoid using seat belts. Proper check need to be incorporated for such risky driving.

  • Driving hazard perception

For attaining good driving skills, it is necessary to anticipate and also accurately assess various driving hazards that may get developed while you are driving on a busy road.   Often these young drivers put themselves in too hazardous situations and most often without realizing it at all.

Often, they are seen driving very close to other vehicles either ahead of them or they tend to avoid red lights.

Young drivers must be told to adhere to rules very strictly and their license should be cancelled if found to be guilty.

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