Few Myths That People Often Talk about Bongs and Smoking

For last few years after the cannabis products have been legalized in a number of states of the country, there is a lot of curiosity from consumers from all walks of life. Not only consumers, but also researchers, doctors and scientists have also started taking interest in these products.

For many years, people have been developing many smoking tricks that has been passed down. Many of them are out of fun while quite a few are not safe. Bongs are considered to be a popular device for smoking.

Few factors that you should consider while buying any glass bong:

  1. Prefer to buy bong of glass material only
  2. Consider the shape and size of the bong as per your convenience
  3. Try to get familiarized with the use of bongs before buying
  4. Prefer to buy bong from any reputed shop

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Also, there exists few myths about the use of bongs and smoking as well. Following are few of them.

    1. Bigger bongs can affect you more as compared to smaller ones

Bongs are available in many different shapes and size and each type of bongs have their own pros and cons. Many feel that bigger bongs can offer more hit, however it depends upon the user who may also get good hit with smaller bongs too.

    2. Holding the smoke for longer time may affect more

People have been debating on this issue for quite a few years. However, people have tried by holding the smoke for both shorter and longer period but no appreciable changes were noticed.

However, holding for longer will certainly expose your lungs to carcinogens.

    3. Vaporizers are better choice than bongs

In fact, vaporizers were introduced in the market to eliminate smoking. However, after longer exposure to the equipment, it has been concluded that only properly lab -tested vaporizers can be better choice.

    4. Mangoes can enhance cannabis experience

Actually, it is only the fresh mangoes that contain higher terpenes, which is also a constituent of cannabis. However, independently mangoes cannot enhance the cannabis experience.

    5. Coughing can help you to get high

Coughing occurs naturally, but you may not be more elevated. However, it can increase your heart rate because of lack of oxygen. Often people confuse this heart rate increase in with stronger rip.

    6. Eating raw flower will get you stoned

Often people used to think that by inhaling a flower one can get high then why not eat them to get the same feeling. However, actually by eating them you will not be stoned as it also needs decarboxylation.

    7. You can freely drink bong water

Water from bong will not only taste terrible, but you will also get lots of foul smell too.  Unless, your bong is brand new and properly rinsed out, then water can be bit clean. Therefore, it is advised that you should never drink bong water.

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