Choosing Between the Two Most Popular Smoking Devices – Glass Spoons and Glass Bubblers

Weed is a magical drug with wonderful healing powers. There are various ways to smoke weed using different devices and in a wide range of social settings. The two most popular devices are glass spoons and bubblers. Glass pipes can be categorized to dry and wet glass pipes. Glass spoons are a popular version of dry pipes and bubblers fall under the wet glass pipe category.

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Both have different set of pros and cons. Though most new users usually start with the traditional glass pipes, bubblers are lately more preferred due to the mellow hit it offers. Considering giving bubblers a try? Purchase high-quality glass bubbler online from one of the top smoke shops like Express Smoke Shop.

They are the go-to choice for many in Florida. They offer an extensive selection of products each made with the highest-quality raw material. There are various kinds of bongs available. Learn about the different types before going ahead with the purchase. If you’ve been using bubblers until now, check out how different it is from glass spoons.

Glass spoons:

This popular pipe type is probably the pipe used by most first-timers. Its design is pretty simple with a tube chamber and two mouthpieces on the ends. It gets its name because of its close resemblance with kitchen spoons. The bowl is where you pack your herbs and is equipped with a carb hole on its left side.

Users hold their thumb over the carb and then inhale the smoke from the chamber. Light the bowl after you start inhaling to prevent burns. You have an interesting collection of glass spoons online.


  • Highly portable due to its compact size
  • Ease of use. All you have to do is load it, burn it using a lighter and inhale.


  • There are more chances of ashes going through the chamber when burning the herbs. You can still use a glass screen to fix this.
  • Cleaning the resin buildup is quite tricky 

Glass bubblers:

When it comes to smooth hits, bubblers take the cake. Bubblers are a combination of traditional weed pipes and bongs and give the user the best of both worlds. They are quite compact like traditional pipes and comparatively versatile than standard bongs. This is a healthier way of smoking bongs and offer more advantages than bongs.

Bubblers contain a large bowl and a downstem connects a bowl piece with the large bowl. A chamber that holds water cools the smoke which results in smooth hits. Some bubblers come with percolators to offer better cooling. Unlike dry pipes due to the presence of water, there are less chances of water to enter the chamber.


  • Smoothest hits
  • Portable
  • Easy to use on-the-go
  • The added percolator filtering gives user twice the high


  • Tricky to clean especially the ones with ash-catchers
  • It gets dirty easily and the water has to be changed often

Both glass spoons and bubblers work great. Bubblers are the perfect middle ground between other smoking devices offering great hits and portability. Get one online from a reputable manufacturer for the best smoking experience.

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