Freebandz Logo Freebandz Entertainment, simply known as Freebandz, is the name of Future’s record label and group that he founded at the end of 2012. The label is affiliated with Rocko’s A1 Recordings and is distributed by Epic Records. Freebandz is also known as F.B.G., which is an acronym for Free Band Gang/Global.

There have been four official projects released so far on Freebandz Entertainment; these are Future’s Pluto, Pluto 3D, Honest, and DS2 albums. The group also dropped an official mixtape at the beginning of 2013, which was titled F.B.G.: The Movie.

You can view a list of all of the Free Band Gang members below, excluding Future:

Burt Freebandz Artist


Casino Freebandz Artist


Esco Freebandz DJ

DJ Esco

Doe Boy Freebandz Artist

Doe Boy

Lotto Dapper Don Freebandz Artist

Lotto Dapper Don

Maceo Freebandz Artist


Mexico Rann Freebandz Artist

Mexico Rann

Millionaire Marc Freebandz Artist

Millionaire Marc

OG Double D Freebandz Artist

OG Double D

Slice 9 Freebandz Artist

Slice 9

Tasha Catour Freebandz Artist

Tasha Catour

Test Freebandz Artist


Young Scooter Freebandz Artist

Young Scooter

Zona Man Freebandz Artist

Zona Man