Future Talks To GQ About His Legacy, Jimi Hendrix, Preparation & More

Future Talks To GQ About His Legacy, Jimi Hendrix, Preparation & More
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GQ magazine recently called up the Astronaut Kid for a short interview over the phone for a piece to go in their latest issue.

Future spoke on Jimi Hendrix, his legacy in Atlanta hip-hop, where he see’s himself 50 years from now, and how his preparation changed after success.

Read the conversation below!

GQ: You have a lot of respect for Jimi Hendrix. Why?
Future: I took to his character, specifically being someone who’s different, not afraid to try new things in music. I go outside my comfort zone many times for the sake of just being creative musically. I’m not just a hip-hop artist; I feel like I’m a rock star. Jimi Hendrix, he was a rock star. But he played guitar; I don’t. I’ve just found ways to use words to make my mark in this history book.

What sort of legacy in Atlanta hip-hop do you want to leave?
I want to be the most melodic artist. “His music ability, the way he write, his creativity is undeniable.” I want people to say that about me.

Do they?
Only time will tell. I’m still working. I’m still getting my feet wet right now.

What do you hope your career will be like fifty years from now?
I want people to say, “He evolved throughout his whole career.” I wanna be able to have the most number one records ever. The most Top 10 records ever.

How do you do that?
Continue to go in the studio and work. Make people move their heads. Me spending every moment in the studio is going to create a life for me that I haven’t experienced yet, thus far in my career. I just want to be prepared for every step of the way, every obstacle that come—I face it and get over. I want to be prepared for success at its most high level. I want to be prepared when the time is right for me to get a Grammy.

How has your preparation changed as you’ve gotten more successful?
I wouldn’t say anything’s too much different. Still the same. Hungry, hungry. I’m hungry for this. I haven’t got to where I want in my career. I’m in the studio until my dreams, until everything that’s in my inspirations, until everything that’s going on in my life, is fulfilled. That’s why I’m in the studio every day, working.

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